Hey there 👋

Welcome to my page! I'm Androz2091, a code-addicted student from Toulouse, France.

I also play the cello and tennis to make my day ;)

Oh and I sometimes write things on my blog! 📝

Projects :sparkles:

99% of my projects are open source :heart:
I'm the maintainer of more than 150 open source projects, such as:

Skills & Tools 🖱️

When I need to build things, I usually go for vue Vue.js to code my websites and node-js Node.js with typescript TypeScript for my bots and APIs. My favorite database is definitely postgresql PostgreSQL.

I love discovering languages or frameworks that increase my productivity for my new projects such as Svelte, Golang, Flutter or tools like Sentry so feel free to send me a message with your recommendations on Discord or Twitter! 😁

Contact me 🤝

I'm available on Discord and Twitter.